Going to Hell in a handcart?

Following multiple Christian bloggs is both informative and depressing. Inevitably they focus on the newsworthy, which often as with secular reporting is the outrageous or spectacular, and theologically usually where “gurus” are going off the rails. The appearance they give is of a church in terminal decline, the abandonment of “sola scriptura”, the invasion of world based cultures, and the idolatrous elevation of self-focused egos. Are we indeed going to Hell in a handcart?

But wait a moment – hasn’t the Church in the West been here before, and infact is it not the case that the greatest membership of the church is in the non-western world. (After all the church is the sum of individual believers, not buildings and structures). Above all else is God not sovereign – the one who said “I will build my church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).

So deep breathe, pause, reflect on God, on the history of His dealings with the church. What we see might in that light be termed little local difficulties, resulting from the discipline of a God who is holy and not mocked. Should we be demonstrating in the streets, arguing about the loss of a Christian nationhood co-terminal with the political state (a highly unscriptural position)? Or do we as repentant children return quietly to our God, pray, if necessary fast, examine ourselves, and look to God to act… Oh and rejoice that in Africa, Asia, South America the redeemed are daily being added to the Kingdom….


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