Grace in mundane things

Ten days ago (Friday) I drove north to collect No. 2 daughter from Northumbria University. The plan was to stay overnight at my parents, collect daughter the following day return to parents and after morning worship and lunch head home on the Saturday. “Best laid plans ….” and all that! Car breaks down and fix the following Monday doesn’t work. Tuesday hire car – none suitable available but company manage to find one – return home with daughter and chattels, etc. Wednesday work at WEST, Thursday drive north, collect own car again, fuller fix doesn’t work, return to parents, discuss buying new car at the garage they have used for 30 yrs, long phone call with my wife, check models available, etc., and agree what we want. Friday get to garage with old car (No problems), desired vehicle still there, test drive, v. happy, pt. exchange, new car MOT’d and serviced, drive home. Nothing particularly spectacular, but every stage over ruled by God and needed provision made – lesson we are never outside God’s gracious provision!


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