Some initial thoughts

Having started a blog the question is always what do I write? There’s a lot going on at the moment, and as this blog is intended to address matters of library relevance, education, and theology this first piece will be a bit of a pastiche.
One of WEST’s ex-students jokingly (I hope) requested that the twitter account, WEST_library would not be about boring books. The question is, are books boring? Is the new world of e-information much more interesting and effective – after all I am writing this for an on-line medium, the blog. I would venture that the real picture is much more complex and exciting, a world where traditional print media combine with audio-visual, and digital sources. A simple illustration from six years ago serves. As an academic librarian I access JISC e-mail lists. One of these mentioned web casts from a US university on digital information, publishing and librarianship. Following up the link I obtained access to several hours of free, high quality lectures and other material on the subject. One speaker recommended the book ‘Ambient Findability: What We Find Changes Who We Become’ by Peter Morville which I bought and read (I’ve just bought it again having lost my first copy). This in turn led me to a variety of Web pages. The point is we now draw from a range of information sources, so whilst we should not be fixed on the concept of finding a book on the subject, neither should we dismiss books as boring – you never know where they will lead! Continue reading